CoQ10 is Wonder Supplement For Muscle Recovery in Runners

I love it when I finally stumble across research that supports what my intuition told me, don’t you?

Here’s a really exciting discovery for me: while using a supplement by Isagenix that includes CoQ10, Resveratrol and Vitamin D, I noticed that my running performance seemed to enhance. I felt like my recovery was stronger, that I was even breathing better and performing better during my long runs.

Come to find out, Spanish researchers say CoQ10 makes a huge difference for us runners. Wahoo!

Here’s an excerpt from an article published by the Isagenix Research & Development Team on,:

“Researchers from the University of Granada of Spain wrote, ‘The present findings provide evidence that oral supplementation of coQ10 during high-intensity exercise is efficient reducing the degree of oxidative stress… [and] muscle damage during physical performance.’ 

The researchers, who published their results in the European Journal of Nutrition, supplemented 20 highly trained male athletes with either a placebo or coQ10 prior to a 50-kilometer run across one of the most difficult terrains in Europe.”

The result? 

“…a significantly greater increase in oxidative stress in the placebo group compared to the coQ10 group. Similarly, the athletes consuming the coQ10 supplement also had evidence of increased antioxidant defenses and reduction in overexpression of pro-inflammatory genes.  Finally, coQ10 reduced levels of creatinine, an indicator of muscle breakdown, compared to the placebo group.”

Amazing, right?? Supplementing with CoQ10 with products like Ageless Actives by Isagenix can actually protect your muscles and improve how your cells respond to intense exercise better than not supplementing!  

By the way, CoQ10 is naturally produced in your body, but as you age, your body can’t produce it the way it used to. CoQ10, as the study points out, assists your cells to reduce breakdown in your body. Youthful aging and improved running performance? Yes please!


3 Ways to Stay Happy & Healthy When Injury Strikes

Full disclosure: I am incredibly frustrated right now; maybe even a little depressed.

I haven’t run in about two weeks and I’m not sure what’s going on with my foot. After playing mama bear on vacation and taking off after my 2-year-old who decided to dart off near traffic, something went wrong with my arch and I rest doesn’t seem to be doing the trick quite yet. Frustrating.

If you’re an athlete or a runner, odds are good you’ve struggled with some sort of injury. Shin splints. IT band issues. Knee problems. Plantar fascitis. Arch issues.

While the sheer frustration might be enough for us to feel overwhelmed and moody, there are a lot of other keys we may not factor in that can lead us to feeling extra snappy and impatient.

Here’s what you’re likely missing during injury time:

  1. Mood-Boosting Endorphins. Many long-distance runners are known for their “type A” personalities. You know, it’s “all or nothing.” When you’re unable to run, you could find yourself moping and unmotivated to try anything else. You’re mourning the loss. Result? Those happy hormones, endorphins, that you’re used to experiencing aren’t being produced at their normal rate. You could be feeling sad, lethargic or angry.
    Solution: Get on a bike, try a video DVD, join a group class and vary up your cross training as long as it doesn’t aggravate the injury. Still aim for 30 minutes a day. Just do something (even if it’s not your beloved running.)
  2. Vitamin D. Let’s face it: not all of us can tolerate running on a treadmill in our house or at the gym. For.any.length.of.time. So, we hit the pavement and soak in a little bit of sunshine while we’re at it. If you’re going out for a 20-30 minute run without sunscreen, then your skin is likely producing your daily intake of immune-boosting (and mood-boosting) Vitamin D. (Always be sure to wear it on your face and if you’re going to be out for longer than 30 minutes–try a mineral sunscreen, which doesn’t have harmful oxybenzones.) The average person needs 1,000 IU of the vitamin daily, but most of us are stuck inside offices and buildings during the day.
    Solution: Grab a Vitamin D supplement at your local health food store can help stave off colds and keep those blues away. Just make sure you get 1,000 IU daily–I take Ageless Actives by Isagenix, which also includes heart-healthy and cell replenishing CoQ10 and Resveratrol.
  3. Time to Yourself. I don’t know a single person who doesn’t enjoy the bit of time they have to themselves when they go out for a run. Clearing your head or simply having time to process is key to your own mental health sometimes, especially when you have a busy life.
    Solution: Do something by yourself every day or every two days. Pick up a few yoga classes, go for walks with the dog; anything that will help you recover from the rest of the stress in your life.

As much as anyone else, these tips are definitely for me right now. Life is crazy and in a world filled with lots of unhealthy choices for coping with the unexpected, it’s tough when your healthiest choice is stuck on the back burner for goodness knows how long. Just hang in there, try to enjoy a little time off and embrace the opportunity to try something new. 🙂

Follow My Boston Marathon Journey

Last night I was packing my bags for my Boston Marathon trip and my mind had already begun to race.

What will the weather be like? Oh, I can’t forget the extra power gel. Should I pack an extra North Face jacket for before the race…yes, just in case. I wonder what Heartbreak Hill will live up to the hype.

I decided to pack a separate Isagenix® duffle bag to tote with me on the plane just in case my luggage gets lost en route to Boston (having traveled to Boston Logan a few times, I know what can happen). I might be without my makeup or regular clothes for a few days, but at least the really important essentials will be close to the hip.

Again, I am just so filled with gratitude for all of the tremendous support I’ve received along the way and the encouraging words I’m hearing from my friends and colleagues as the day draws nearer….even got a call from my friend in Alaska who had her special education class sing a rendition of “Happy Marathon Day” (think: Happy Birthday song, but with “happy marathon” instead) to me over my cell phone. Gosh, I feel so special and loved!!!!

So, if you want to follow me on the “big day,” here’s the info on how to do it:

  • The Boston Marathon will be televised in the U.S. live in its entirety via Universal Sports. Here’s more info.
  • If you want texts sent to your phone with updates on my progress, you can sign up via AT&T Athlete Alert. Just text the word “RUNNER” to 345678 and you’ll get updates at the 10km, halfway, 30km and finish line.
  • My bib number is 26722 and I’ll be in the final wave and corral since a time is not required for a charity runner.

I’ll try my best to post updates and pictures of my experience along the way and will definitely post a follow up reflection and play-by-play after race day on Monday, April 18.

Thanks for following me and I can’t wait to share more about this once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Dreams DO come true!!!  😀

In Gratitude

It’s late and I should probably be in bed. Pulling a semi-single-mommy routine this week with my husband tied up with other commitments has left me a little tired.

And still, it’s done nothing to quell my excitement for Boston and the other feelings welling up in side of me.

I’m proud to report that I, along with my fantastic Isagenix colleagues, have pulled in nearly (or possibly over) $6,000 for Childhelp, exceeding the original $5,000 goal. AND we did it in less than 2 months! Most charity runners spend many more MONTHS trying to raise those kinds of funds.

So now that my raffle winners have been drawn, I have the final exciting task ahead of me to notify each one and let them pick their prize. Can’t wait (and sooooo appreciate those who donated to the raffle and Childhelp–I can’t even come close to expressing my gratitude!!).

This journey has been full of some really incredible highs and a few lows, but what worthwhile pathway doesn’t come with both? Either way, both of my goals are nearly accomplished (1. Raise $5k for Childhelp before the marathon, 2.) Run the marathon).

When I reflect on the encouraging words, the financial support and the deep love that I have encountered in just two months, I can’t help but be changed in a way. This journey has shown me in some small ways the number of people that are in my corner, who believe I’m a “winner.” My normal confidence aside, I think we all struggle with a little self-doubt at times. There’s always that person who could do better because they’re fitter, more charismatic or just seem to have it all together.

But guess what? We’re chosen as we are anyway. We can accomplish infinitely more than we perhaps even realize. We just have to be willing to step out of our comfort zone and do it.

I know that being selected to run the Boston Marathon this year is not a mistake and it’s not by chance. I know that this dream was put in my heart a long time ago for a reason and I know that that dream resurfaced this last summer for a reason. So, as I prepare, meditate and reflect on everything, to sum it up simply, I’m grateful and humbled.

Thank you to each person who has lent a hand, who has written on my Facebook or said something encouraging. Thank you to those who took the time to donate (and you still can if you want to) or just prayerfully supported me. Thank you to my husband and my family for supporting me so I could focus on my goals–whether it was donating money, watching the kiddo while I trained for hours or simply listening to me as I poured my heart out about any and all concerns.

Thank you to the businesses who donated products and gift cards for the fundraising raffle. Thank you to my colleagues at Isagenix for cheering me on and always believing in me. Thank you to the company and to Childhelp for supporting me with this run and choosing me.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I’ll be traveling to Boston later this week and I’m excited to see some of my East Coast family, some of my Isagenix family and some of my running family.

Truly this is a dream come true and I pray that I can hold it together long enough to drink it all in.

Reality is now sinking in!  🙂

5 Ways to Soothe Sore Muscles

Knot in your leg? Stiffness in your calves? Whether you’re a newbie to running or you’re working out again for the first time, it’s super common to get that after-workout discomfort and soreness.

Meet lactic acid.

Once thought to be an “athlete’s foe” when working out, it’s actually a good sign. Your body basically takes the carbohydrates you consume, turns it into glycogen and then uses it for fuel.

Here’s what one New York Times’ article said about lactic acid:

“Lactic acid is actually a fuel, not a caustic waste product. Muscles make it deliberately, producing it from glucose, and they burn it to obtain energy. The reason trained athletes can perform so hard and so long is because their intense training causes their muscles to adapt so they more readily and efficiently absorb lactic acid.” Full article here.

So, what to do about pesky lactic acid?

Check out my favorite solutions:

  1. Ice, Ice Baby. While you can certainly put ice on your muscles (be careful to wrap it in a wash cloth, pillow case or something to avoid freezing your skin), one of the best things to do is to find a freezing cold pool…and stand in it. As a competitive cross country runner, standing in a Whirlpool after a training run was both torturous and heavenly. Since temps are still pretty cold, find a pool and do what you can to get it up to your quads if you’re sore.
  2. Roll It. Rollers of all kinds are now completely en vogue. Once relegated to the physical therapist’s or chiropractor’s office, now everyone seems to have a roller of some sort. You can pick up foam rollers at most sporting goods stores and they vary in thickness and rigidity. Basically, you want to use your own body weight and push out that soreness (read: lactic acid build up). A subtitle to this one could be “Hurts So Good.” My new favorite roller for runners is The Stick, which I purchased at Sole Sports in Tempe.
  3. Cream It. I remember slathering on that icky cream stuff back in the day and I guess it sort of worked, but who knows what I was putting into my skin. I’m super happy now to have Ageless Pain Relief cream by Isagenix–it’s a miracle worker! Right after a run, if I have even the slightest ache, I put a tiny dollop on the hot spot, do a little rub and compress it with a wash cloth to feel that cooling/warming sensation on my joint. Here’s a little more about the product on
  4. Drink Up. To get that lactic acid moving out of your muscles, you need to flood your body with more liquids, especially water. Hydration is key here, so as soon as your activity is over, it’s important to refuel and rehydrate to minimize the after effects.
  5. Get Out There. It may seem counter-intuitive, but one key way to make the aches and pains go away is to get out there and work out or run again. Moving your muscles will warm them up, stimulate blood flow and loosen up some of that lactic acid. If you’re really sore and concerned about a possible injury, try non-impact exercises that also incorporate gentle stretching such as swimming or yoga.

Bottom line: Don’t let soreness slow you down! Alter your activities, minimize them if you need to, but do what you can to resolve the issue.

If you found this advice helpful and would like to support the charity I’m representing for the Boston Marathon, I’d truly appreciate it! Visit my “Support Me” page to make a quick, tax-deductible donation while you’re thinking about it.

Thanks for your help and happy running!