Race Reviews

My Reviews on Top Half- and Full-Marathons

Whether you’re a newbie or you’ve run a dozen marathons, this section is for YOU! Here’s my honest input on my favorite half- and full-marathons.

  • Rock n Roll (formerly PF Chang’s) Half-Marathon & Full-Marathon
    Phoenix, AZ
    I can’t speak for the full marathon, but I can tell you as a person who’s completed the half-marathon race five times, save your money. Yes, the bands are cool and they take pretty good care of you, but this is one VERY crowded race. Add the fact that it’s just in Tempe and it’s kind of a bummer of a race. Plus side? If you’re an out-of-towner looking for a race in the winter where winter pretty much doesn’t exist, you’ve come to the right place! Be forewarned: it isn’t uncommon for it to rain on race day!
  • Lost Dutchman Half-Marathon, Full Marathon & Trail Run
    Apache Junction, AZ

    I cannot say ENOUGH about this race!!! I’ve completed the full-marathon and the trail run and both are absolutely gorgeous. Located at the base of the Superstition Mountains with a finish line in Prospector Park, these races give you a true Arizona experience. With a very early start for the full-marathon, you’ll experience breathtaking views and the most beautiful sunrise you’ve ever experienced. Mixed terrain make this a very satisfying full marathon–from starting at the Peralta trail head to running on asphalt along a highway to finishing near the park, you’ll enjoy hills, flat spaces and everything in between. HIGHLY recommend this one.
  • Phoenix Half-Marathon and Full Marathon
    Mesa, AZ

    Rave reviews for the Phoenix Half-Marathon! I received a last-minute opportunity to run this race and loved every minute of it! The race winds through Mesa on cozy streets and orange groves. The volunteers are super friendly and it’s not crowded at all! This is a flat race as well and perfect for newcomers.
    Read about my experience
  • Tucson Marathon
    Tucson, AZ

    Mostly on highway, this race is mostly a point-to-point with one loop about halfway in. I wasn’t a fan of this race as it felt very urban to me and the black asphalt made the race very hot. Tucson is beautiful and you will certainly get the full experience of desert living. My two cents? Stick with the marathons further north.
  • Rock n Roll San Diego Marathon
    San Diego, CA

    This is a great marathon for a first-timer. Not too crowded, mostly flat and terrific views of San Diego, you’ll get the full experience, plus bands along the way. This was my first marathon and I thoroughly enjoyed it!
  • America’s Finest City Half Marathon
    San Diego, CA

    Maybe I attended this one at the WRONG time, but I experienced a major heat wave the day of the race. The race is mostly city running with huge hills going into the finish, which is in Balboa Park. I loved mile 6 because it trailed the harbor and felt much cooler. If you’re looking for a tune-up race while on vacation in San Diego, then this might be a good fit for you. I hope for your sake that it’s much cooler!
    Read about my experience.
  • Boston Marathon
    Boston, MA

    What can I say? Boston is mecca for so many runners. It was on my bucket list and though I never dreamed I’d have the chance at it, I’m blessed to have raised money for two very well-deserving charities and run it twice. The scenery and the fanfare along the route are second to none. Whether you start at the front or the back like us charity runners, you will not be disappointed. You’ll get a great glimpse of New England through all of the individual townships. Worth every minute, every penny and every effort!!!
    Read about my FIRST experience
    Read about my SECOND experience

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