5 Reasons Why Coffee is Key Before a Run

Multiple studies continue to prove the positive benefits of caffeine.

I used to be afraid of coffee.

I mean, not cowering-in-a-corner “afraid,” but worried about what the supposed stimulant would do to my body and how it would likely dehydrate me.

And then I read the science and realized that I bought all of the myths.

Now, my routine nearly always includes sipping half a cup of black coffee before heading to the gym or going out for a run…and it’s not because I’m sleepy.

Let’s take a look at the exercise meets caffeine studies.

It can boost your speed.

First, there was this one from the National Center for Biotechnology Information, which points to a faster performance in cyclists who had coffee prior to a race.

It can boost your endurance.

Then, I came across this one, which points out the increased endurance athletes experience thanks to caffeine.

It can boost your burn.

And I found this one, which talks about caffeine boosting your metabolism.

It can boost your mood and reduce your calorie intake.

Next, and most recently, is this one from the Journal of Applied Physiology, which highlights how you feel doing your workout if you first fueled up with a cup o’ joe. An added benefit? Participants who had caffeine prior to their workout actually consumed FEWER calories at lunch!

It can boost your…

And, finally, on a somewhat anecdotal note, it seems to help *ahem* “get things moving.” No one wants to have to make a pit stop when they’re in the middle of a long run. Something about coffee just does the trick.

No more fear of coffee for me…Pass the light roast, please!


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