Stop the Noise

by Jennifer Pinner



Double tap.




He’s eating a blueberry muffin,

She’s eating a scone.

She’s trying Paleo,

She’s trying the Zone.

“Feeling lonely…”

“…so over that.”

“WTF is wrong…”

“I don’t want to put up with that.”

See why your eating is all wrong,

Look at this girl’s hat,

What do you think of my selfie?

What a silly Grumpy Cat.

Over and over,

This constant newsfeed.

Nowhere to unplug,

Because it’s plugged into me.

Life is too busy so I’ll take the substitute,

Find a connection in between the long commute.

Radio blaring

This is my favorite song!

Did you  hear about the latest diet?

You’re eating is all wrong.

Her hair changed color,

She’s dating this other dude.

I heard she was his lover,

Did you hear about the ex’s feud?

Fueled on garbage

So sick of the noise.

How do I tune it out

And fill the addiction void?

Take a break?


Un-tether the leash?

Break up,


Somehow tame the beast.

Finding a balance in the limited 24,

Superficially connecting with others, but craving more.

Time to reinvent,



Go back to the quiet place,

Stop the noise and recover.

-j.pinner 05.07.14


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