My Heartbreak Hills

ImageI cried. I took a deep breath. I nearly panicked.

Miles before Heartbreak Hill, less than halfway through the biggest marathon of my life, I wasn’t sure if I could make it.

There was nothing physically wrong with me. I had trained for the race and achieved my 20-mile long run in perfect timing and hit my fundraising goal in spite of finding out I was going to run the 115th Boston Marathon AND raise $5,000 for charity in less than three months.

There I was, winding my way from legendary Hopkinton and bonking before the “real” race had even begun (that’s usually around mile 20, Heartbreak Hill, the mile point that’s a struggle in every marathon; it’s made worse by an increase in elevation in Boston. I was only at mile 10.)


I’m now 19 days away from going back to Boston and I feel as though I’ve already conquered so many “Heartbreak Hills” on this journey.


Life changes.


Juggling being a mom of two children (it was only one before).


Because of my past experience in Boston (which you can read here), I know the pitfalls and challenges that come with the territory, and I’m determined to overcome them. Now I just have to figure out how to slow life down and more more of these hills out of my way.

Boston, I’m coming for you!



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