“I Don’t Have Time”

“I don’t have time.”


Single biggest reason I’ve cited in the past for not:

  • Going to the gym/exercising/running
  • Cooking healthy meals
  • Bringing my lunch to work instead of going out to eat
  • Getting my chores done

What I’ve found that REALLY translates to is “I don’t want to MAKE the time.” Because, let’s face it, when we REALLY want something, we’ll make time. We’ll somehow find a miraculous 30 minutes to watch our latest show; to surf Facebook; to go through the drive thru for food; take a trip to the mall. Somehow, we find a way.

Going back to that infamous “list,” one that I’ve been tackling recently is cooking healthy meals. For those of you who are unaware, this is my current cooking partner (see picture above). Pretty cute, right? I love Miss Z, but I gotta tell you, cooking with one arm is a bit of a challenge. Forget even TRYING to cut something with a knife.

Anyway, case in point, tonight was a whirlwind. Got home from my 9-to-5 job; changed; loaded the kids up in the car; drove to swim practice for my other kiddo; drove through the drive thru for said kiddo (I know, I know…we’re working on that, too); got both kids settled; fed Miss Z her standard fare then happened to glance at the clock.

7 p.m. Still no dinner made.

chickenPopped a few seasoned, raw (unbreaded) chicken tenders in my Round Covered Baker in the microwave with 12 minutes and proceeded to change the baby into her jammies, get the other kiddo’s teeth brushed; fill up bedtime water and straighten up his  mess.


Still no time to eat dinner so I leave the chicken in the baker and try to put Miss Z down for bed. Ya, not happening (hence the picture from earlier in this post).

(Side note, does any of this sound familiar to any of you…? Thought so.)

One kiddo in bed and another in my arms, I’m back to the kitchen to rinse a salad mix, poked holes in a flour tortilla, spritzed it with olive oil and laid it over the upside-down Round Covered Baker for 4 minutes to create a taco


shell crust (Look, ma, no deep frying!) and put the baby down so I could chop up the chicken.

10 minutes later, I had this lovely creation: a southwest chicken salad on a crunchy tortilla bowl/shell.

As I type, it’s 8:20 p.m. and the baby and other kiddo are finally in bed. The other half of my salad is sitting next to me (I’ll get to it).

The No. 1 Lesson in weight-loss I’ve learned thus far is do whatever it takes to ELIMINATE excuses. If there’s something “keeping you” from exercising or eating healthy, examine it and find a way around it.

Jim Rohn says “If you really want to do something, you’ll find a way; if you don’t, you’ll find an excuse.”

One down, a few more to go…

(6 pounds down, 34 to go by August 4, 2013)


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