CoQ10 is Wonder Supplement For Muscle Recovery in Runners

I love it when I finally stumble across research that supports what my intuition told me, don’t you?

Here’s a really exciting discovery for me: while using a supplement by Isagenix that includes CoQ10, Resveratrol and Vitamin D, I noticed that my running performance seemed to enhance. I felt like my recovery was stronger, that I was even breathing better and performing better during my long runs.

Come to find out, Spanish researchers say CoQ10 makes a huge difference for us runners. Wahoo!

Here’s an excerpt from an article published by the Isagenix Research & Development Team on,:

“Researchers from the University of Granada of Spain wrote, ‘The present findings provide evidence that oral supplementation of coQ10 during high-intensity exercise is efficient reducing the degree of oxidative stress… [and] muscle damage during physical performance.’ 

The researchers, who published their results in the European Journal of Nutrition, supplemented 20 highly trained male athletes with either a placebo or coQ10 prior to a 50-kilometer run across one of the most difficult terrains in Europe.”

The result? 

“…a significantly greater increase in oxidative stress in the placebo group compared to the coQ10 group. Similarly, the athletes consuming the coQ10 supplement also had evidence of increased antioxidant defenses and reduction in overexpression of pro-inflammatory genes.  Finally, coQ10 reduced levels of creatinine, an indicator of muscle breakdown, compared to the placebo group.”

Amazing, right?? Supplementing with CoQ10 with products like Ageless Actives by Isagenix can actually protect your muscles and improve how your cells respond to intense exercise better than not supplementing!  

By the way, CoQ10 is naturally produced in your body, but as you age, your body can’t produce it the way it used to. CoQ10, as the study points out, assists your cells to reduce breakdown in your body. Youthful aging and improved running performance? Yes please!


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