Boston Bound!

The big day is here…well, the big travel day at least.

I’m sitting at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport and ready to take the next step in this very exciting journey.

House is clean, bags are packed with everything (hopefully!) and flight is on time (so far!).

As I walked up to the security line to take off my shoes and just about every other article of clothing, the TSA guy asked the routine questions:

TSA Guy: Where are you going?

Me: Boston.

TSA Guy: What are you doing there?

Me: (Slight hesitation) To run the Boston Marathon.

TSA Guy: Wow, great, good luck! You can go ahead.

Such a normal conversation, but SO satisfying to share that kind of answer.

I’m running the Boston Marathon.

Wow! Nearly broke down into tears in that moment lol.

My friend Danyell jokingly told me today “you should have worn a shirt that says that.”

Really, I should have. Maybe it would have said “Boston or Bust,” or “I’m Running the Boston Marathon…HUG ME!” or some other random thing. Would have been great, but then again, I did feel a little bit of shyness creep up when everyone around me in line turned to look at me after I said I was running the Boston Marathon.

Better to keep a low profile.

I’m happily looking forward to several days of wearing workout pants and running shoes with no questions asked and also sans the guilt of looking slightly slouchy.




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