In Gratitude

It’s late and I should probably be in bed. Pulling a semi-single-mommy routine this week with my husband tied up with other commitments has left me a little tired.

And still, it’s done nothing to quell my excitement for Boston and the other feelings welling up in side of me.

I’m proud to report that I, along with my fantastic Isagenix colleagues, have pulled in nearly (or possibly over) $6,000 for Childhelp, exceeding the original $5,000 goal. AND we did it in less than 2 months! Most charity runners spend many more MONTHS trying to raise those kinds of funds.

So now that my raffle winners have been drawn, I have the final exciting task ahead of me to notify each one and let them pick their prize. Can’t wait (and sooooo appreciate those who donated to the raffle and Childhelp–I can’t even come close to expressing my gratitude!!).

This journey has been full of some really incredible highs and a few lows, but what worthwhile pathway doesn’t come with both? Either way, both of my goals are nearly accomplished (1. Raise $5k for Childhelp before the marathon, 2.) Run the marathon).

When I reflect on the encouraging words, the financial support and the deep love that I have encountered in just two months, I can’t help but be changed in a way. This journey has shown me in some small ways the number of people that are in my corner, who believe I’m a “winner.” My normal confidence aside, I think we all struggle with a little self-doubt at times. There’s always that person who could do better because they’re fitter, more charismatic or just seem to have it all together.

But guess what? We’re chosen as we are anyway. We can accomplish infinitely more than we perhaps even realize. We just have to be willing to step out of our comfort zone and do it.

I know that being selected to run the Boston Marathon this year is not a mistake and it’s not by chance. I know that this dream was put in my heart a long time ago for a reason and I know that that dream resurfaced this last summer for a reason. So, as I prepare, meditate and reflect on everything, to sum it up simply, I’m grateful and humbled.

Thank you to each person who has lent a hand, who has written on my Facebook or said something encouraging. Thank you to those who took the time to donate (and you still can if you want to) or just prayerfully supported me. Thank you to my husband and my family for supporting me so I could focus on my goals–whether it was donating money, watching the kiddo while I trained for hours or simply listening to me as I poured my heart out about any and all concerns.

Thank you to the businesses who donated products and gift cards for the fundraising raffle. Thank you to my colleagues at Isagenix for cheering me on and always believing in me. Thank you to the company and to Childhelp for supporting me with this run and choosing me.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I’ll be traveling to Boston later this week and I’m excited to see some of my East Coast family, some of my Isagenix family and some of my running family.

Truly this is a dream come true and I pray that I can hold it together long enough to drink it all in.

Reality is now sinking in!  🙂


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