Warning: This is a Yawner

I’m not sure if I’ve ever divulged this secret. Honestly, it’s not really all that incredible of a secret or anything, but I’ve always found it a little odd. It actually started in high school.

I remember standing at the start line with a large group of girls, waiting for the gun to sound so we could take off across a grassy field for our 5k race. The tension had been building all day and my normally rather serious attitude had become even more focused.

I had been thinking about the race, dreaming about the race and just minutes before the race, as I stood with so many others in eager anticipation…I yawned.

…then yawned again….

I literally could not stop yawning. Watching me, one probably would have wondered if my parents let me sleep at night or even how I could complete a 3.1 mile race when I was *obviously* tired.

But I wasn’t, that’s the thing, and the yawning only continued through my high school years…and then college…and even now.

When I approach a starting line, it’s as if my mind and body try to create an all-encompassing calm and the only way to do that is with a hearty yawn.

That’s the epitome of a focused runner, right?

I did a Google search to try to figure out why I have this little running quirk. A few turned up answers such as “yawning relieves stress,” “yawning helps relax facial muscles,” and “yawning is  a sign of stress in dogs.”


So, not really an answer to my question, but I guess if it ain’t broke…


(P.S. This is the only time I will ask this, but did you yawn while reading this? Message me lol.)



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