Meet My “Rabbit”

This morning, I took my Rabbit for a run.

She’s not quite white…okay, she’s more like a red and white, and her ice blue eyes always tell me when she’s ready to go on a run.

Unfortunately, I can’t usually take her for my normal training runs because she goes out fast and then peters toward the end.

Meet my “rabbit,” Tala, a 50+ pound pure bred Siberian Husky.

I get a few “looks” from people when I tell them we have a Siberian Husky. And we take her running. In Arizona. Sometimes during summer (early mornings only, I promise).

But, we’re responsible pet owners, love her to death and like I said, she’s a rabbit.

Let me explain.

So sometimes in running circles you’ll hear someone call a runner a “rabbit.” It’s not a compliment, usually. Typically, the comment means they took off in the race too fast and they’re going to burn out by the half-way point.

Huge races often employ professional “rabbits” to set the pace for the elite runners. They drop out after half of the race once the run is established. Sometimes, they’re hired just to pace certain elite runners. Either way, it’s an interesting practice. The recent issue of Runner’s World includes a terrific article on page 84 about professional rabbits. Check out the April 2011 issue on newsstands now. (Great subsection about Boston, too!!)

Back to my rabbit.

After running a few easy miles this morning on my own, I cut my run short to swing by the house and pick her up for a quick mile. She hadn’t been happy when I left without her originally and by the time I got to the halfway point on my run, I knew I needed to take her, too.

As I fastened the leash, she was ready to go in full-on Husky fashion, pulling me nearly out the door. After a few corrections, she kind of settled in near me, but pushed me to a hard run for the first half mile.

Then she hit her wall, as usual.

The rest of the way home, she ran behind me. I kept calling back to her “c’mon Tala; you can do it; let’s go girl!”


She trotted along and found herself distracted by bushes, grass, rocks, trees, you name it. “This is why I don’t bring her along,” I kept thinking to myself slightly begrudgingly.

More looks from neighbors as I practically dragged my Siberian Husky down the street.

Once done, panting, but clearly very pleased with herself, she was happy to curl up inside and take a snooze.

I’m not sure if my little “rabbit” will ever reform herself, but I guess once marathon season is over, we’ll see what we can do to turn her into an old pro. 🙂

Here’s one article from Runner’s World on how to get your dog ready to be a runner. Going to read up!

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