4 Easy Ways to Fit in Exercise

Just like everyone else, I struggle to get all of my regular workouts in. Between keeping up with schedules, work, extra curricular activities and trying to find a space or two in there to actually relax, every day is a juggling act.

And that was before my son came into the picture.

When my son was a year old, I started training for my second marathon and was nearly delirious doing it.

Up several times a night, still nursing, working my full-time job and just keeping up with running three times a week was a challenge. I mostly stuck with getting in the bare minimum with a long run and a medium run during the week. And I’m lucky I didn’t get injured.

The problem? No cross training to challenge my body. While you might be getting in the miles, frequently running on flat surfaces works the same muscles, often causing an imbalance and ultimately, possibly injury. You have to focus on countering that by working your hips, your glutes, your hamstrings and your quads to ensure a balanced movement.

Training for the Boston Marathon in a shortened time frame has forced me to adopt a more rigorous training schedule, but I’m doing everything I can to do it with balance.

So, how do you fit the extra training in? Here are some ways I’m doing it:

  1. Take Your Kids to the Playground…and Use It! One fitness bootcamp instructor I worked with met us at a park and had us do assisted pull-ups, step ups and more using the equipment. While my son whirls himself down the big twirly slide, I do step-ups using the playground’s raised stairs. While my son runs around, I do walking lunges and lift my back leg to complete the move (Quads and hamstrings? Check!).
  2. Work Out With the Personal Trainer on TV. There are tons of DVD workouts available at affordable costs. I love Jackie Warner’s Power Circuit Training DVD. Next, I want to get ahold of the IsaKinetix DVD featuring Holly D. and Shane F. from Isagenix. Shane regularly trains professional football players and definitely knows his stuff! All you need are some 5 and 10-pound dumbells and you’re set.
  3. Play Video Games. Um, really? Yes! If you have a Wii, the Wii Fit is worth it! If you have a fun show that you like to watch every night, you can still get your workout in. Set up the Step game to “free step” and turn the controller to making a sound. You can change the channel and keep up with your steps while you watch a show. Brilliant!!!
  4. Fit in Exercise at Work. Whether it’s doing a walk around a nearby park during my lunch hour, toe raises while shooting the breeze with a colleague (yes, I probably look like a dork) or taking a quick break from the computer to do a few squats or reps with a dynaband, fitting in a little exercise here and there really adds up. I also find that I have more energy and can focus better.

Good luck fitting in fitness and if it’s on your heart, please support me by donating to Childhelp for the Boston Marathon by visiting my “Donate” page.

Thanks again and happy exercising!


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