Me, “E” and BOB

Another one bites the dust.

Now my husband is down with a cold, but it has hit him much worse. Fever and exhaustion; sinuses, the whole nine yards.

So, when I came home from work and it was time to go for a run, my son was going to go along for the ride. At 2, he’s already super interested in running and nearly refused to go in the jogging stroller tonight.

“No Mom, E run with you,” he told me with his signature furrowed brow.

I made a deal with him and asked him to ride in the stroller in the neighborhood and then maybe we’d run together somewhere. It seemed to appease him and he hopped into what has truly been the best investment I’ve ever made: my BOB Revolution Stroller.

For months, I stalked BOB.

I visited the Buy Buy Baby store nearby pining over it, wheeling it around the showroom floor and dreaming of never leaving my son behind while I went out for a jog. My four-wheeled, plastic-covered stroller just wasn’t made for long runs, nor was it stable for my kiddo. Plus, it didn’t provide the same domed protection as BOB, and considering the blazing sun here in Arizona, it’s one feature that was worth its weight in gold.

Finally, a Christmas bonus at work funded my big splurge and I immediately bought BOB.

BOB goes with us to the zoo and BOB has saved me COUNTLESS times when I needed to get a run in, but didn’t have someone to watch the kiddo. It’s limited my excuses and given my son safety and security. It even makes me take in the scenery a little bit more when he’s with me and points out “Look, a cow!” or “Look, airplane!”

So BOB saved me once again tonight. I was still able to get home from work and take E on an out and back 5-mile run on the streets. Sure, pushing a 30+ pound 2-year-old along with the weight of the stroller isn’t ideal, but I’ll take it.

It’s almost like I added a resistance workout. 🙂

Don’t let ANYTHING or any excuses stand in the way of your goals and your dreams. Take it one step at a time and figure out a way. Sometimes it takes getting creative, but I can tell you it’s 100% worth it.

Now I can have my protein shake and start contemplating my next one.


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