$4,890 in 66 Days

$110 down; $4,890 and 66 days to go.

Fundraising, just like marathon training, is a numbers game with an inspiring, ultimate goal. You don’t want to look at that large, looming figure because you know that if you do, it’ll start feeling overwhelming.

So, two donations later after just two days of fundraising for Childhelp and I’m at $110 in donations. Of that $110, $99 will go straight to helping abused and neglected children receive the help they need to live in safe, secure environments.

I’m thrilled! 🙂

It’s time for the wheels to start turning though, to get creative and come up with some fun, successful fundraisers to help get to my goal of $5,000 by April 18, 2011.

(P.S. This post isn’t to guilt anyone into donating, but if you feel lead, please give to this amazing cause. Especially if you live in the Phoenix area, this is a practical way to give back and make a huge impact on your community.)

Prayers appreciated for my continued strength and health and for provision for this awesome goal! If you have any suggestions for fundraisers, I’m all ears!


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