Kiddo in Bed = Time to Work Out

Working 9-to-5 and fitting in quality time with my son is always a little challenging.

  • Pick up the little guy
  • Make dinner
  • Feed the pets
  • Wash the dishes
  • Straighten up
  • Bath time
  • Story time
  • Bedtime

Adding “me” time for training either before or after work and on the weekends adds another dimension.

Fortunately, I have always loved free weights, especially when they’re included in circuit training. I lucked out earlier last year when I stumbled across a workout DVD featuring celebrity personal trainer Jackie Warner. Jackie’s “Power Circuit Training” DVD ($10-$12) was exactly what I needed as I was focusing on losing weight in a health challenge (the Employee IsaBody Challenge) at work.

It was also the perfect night time workout to do after the kiddo went to bed.

So now as I train for the Boston Marathon, I’m incorporating at least twice weekly strength training to balance out the strength in my leg muscles and gain a little extra power. Strength training has made all the difference in my running; it helps me to be able to push through more, power through tough hills and also take some of the pressure off of the impact my joints experience on each run.

Tonight was strength training night and I gratefully accepted a lovely gift from God: my son went to bed early!

Plenty of time to ease into my weights routine with my Jackie Warner Power Circuit Training DVD for about 30 minutes…

….and then still have time to catch a little bit more of The Biggest Loser episode I’d recorded. 😉


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