My Bucket List

Everyone has a bucket list.

Maybe you haven’t sat down, scribbled numbers down a page and listed all of the things you want to do before you “kick the bucket.”

  1. Climb that mountain nearby.
  2. Maybe travel Europe someday.
  3. Learn French.

My bucket list to this day has only consisted of a few things (and no, I don’t have a “list” anywhere).

3. Go on more mission trips to Spanish-speaking countries

2. Travel and see Greece.

1. Run the Boston Marathon.

Yep. My No. 1 “bucket list” item is the Boston Marathon.

I thought for a long time that I was a far cry away from that one. For my age group, I’d have to pull off around a 3 hours and 45-minute marathon; that’s running at less than about an 8:30 mile pace for 26.2 miles.

After finally supplementing with the right nutrition, high-quality whey protein and watching my diet thanks to Isagenix, my dream felt more in reach. While doing a health challenge at work, I mentioned my dream to qualify for Boston, then signed up for my 3rd full marathon in December. I was going to at least try.

I began training well in advance so I could add in extra long runs and was determined to cut my previous PR to at least 4 hours.

My hopes were dashed when I found out that the Boston Marathon registration was gone in less than one business day. This was more than a month before my race.

I thought that was it. Then Childhelp entered the picture.

Would I raise money on behalf of the organization and run the race?

“This has to be a dream,” was my first thought.

And it is…and also a reality.

So, what began as my quest to run the biggest race and goal of my life has now become a bigger story.

Besides my love for God, my second biggest love is my family. My husband, son and the rest of my family are everything to me. Every time I look at my son I wonder how anyone could harm a child. How anyone could neglect giving them all the basic things they need and help them to grow up feeling safe, loved and nurtured.

Every day, Childhelp assists hundreds of children who are experiencing abuse and neglect. They provide safe havens, advice and aid to children who need advocates.

The financial support that Isagenix provides covers the cost of the 24-hour national Childhelp child abuse hotline, 1-800-4-A-Child.

I’m proud to partner with both organizations that are committed to such a worthy cause. It may sound cliche, but that adage is true: the children ARE our future.

Let the journey begin!  🙂


One comment

  1. WOW Jenn, how inspiring. This is a great website. You are going to do great, I know you will!! Our prayers and support are behind you all the way – love ya.

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